Most Common Objections

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

We provide the answers to your most common objections

Overcoming Objections

Overcoming objections is an important step to winning any sale. How you approach objection handling is often the difference between gaining a new customer and losing an opportunity.


Use the Listen, Understand, Respond, Confirm technique when addressing a clients objections.

Common Objections

“I’m not interested!”

· I am surprised to hear you say that, what made you change your mind?

o Listen and identify the real objection.

o Once the real objection is identified, acknowledge and respond.

“I don’t have time”

· I know your time is valuable and I promise not to waste it. If you are seriously looking into solar there is no better time. Rebates have gone down from last year but there is still money available. Our programs are zero down. So, you can start saving right away.

“This sounds too good to be true.”

Pre-Concept commit

o I can appreciate that; Let me explain what we do. We have partnered with Freedom Forever the nations largest Solar Installer and other Finance Companies to offer you Solar for Absolutely Nothing Out of Pocket. We even guarantee the performance of your system for 25 years! You simply keep doing what you have been doing. But instead of paying the pricy utility company for their power. You will be making your own.

Post Concept commit;

o This is a true ZERO out of pocket program. But You are right, there is a catch - you must qualify. Let me take a few moments to get you qualified now.

“I’d like to get a little more information or do a little bit more research first and then I’ll call back.”

· That’s smart on your part. We want you to make an informed decision. The best solution I have is to send a solar consultant to answer all your questions and show you in writing exactly what your home can do for you.

“If this is so great why isn't everyone doing it?”

· I’m glad you brought that up. In fact, tens of thousands of people have already had their systems installed. That’s why rebates are being used up so fast. Only 1 in 10 homes qualify, let's see if you do.

· Let’s get an expert out to show you in writing all the details of the program.

“Let me talk to my spouse first before I set an appointment.”

· Does your spouse know that you are looking into solar?

o Yes - It sounds like the perfect thing would be to have one of my experts come out to meet with you and your spouse. They can go over the benefits of going solar and the savings you can expect. I just have a few quick questions to at least see if you qualify for the program.

o No - Our consultations are free, and you are not obligated to do anything. Most of our customers tell us that they enjoyed meeting with our energy consultants. This also puts you in good position to claim your part of the solar tax credit.

“I could be moving soon”

· You can get solar today for zero out of pocket to replace what you are already paying with the utility. You are forced to pay for power with the utility, and none of that money will ever come back to you. If you go solar today, not only will you save money but your home is proven to sell for more and faster than homes without solar.

“I don’t have money to do this right now. – or – Solar is too expensive – or – I just don’t see where the savings are. – or – I can’t afford anything right now.”

· I am glad we are speaking then. Our programs our zero out of pocket and can lower your monthly expenses, it’s a win win situation. The next step is just to see if you qualify.

“Aesthetics or don’t want panels on the roof.”

· I can understand your concern. All our panels are professionally installed by the best in the industry to ensure they look good while still preforming at their optimum level. When your Energy Consultant meets with you, they can show you what the panels look like and come up with a design that you like.

“They will ruin my roof”

· Let me take a moment to explain this further. All our panels are professionally installed to ensure they look good while still preforming at their optimum level. The work is guaranteed, and any damage caused by the panels would be completely covered. We have partnered with the largest residential solar installers in the nation and take care of our customers as evident by our 97% customer referral rate.

“I have already decided to go with another Co.”

· If signed less than 5 days ago Congratulations on deciding to go solar, that was a great decision. We have a refuse to loose policy and would love the chance to compete for your business. We may be able to come up with a program that would work better for you than what you have seen so far.

“I am having my roof redone”

· This is perfect that we are talking then. In many cases we can help you with that. In some cases we can get you a new roof and solar for less than what you are paying to your utility co. right now.

“I just want the numbers”

· OK, let me ask you a few quick questions so I can see what programs you qualify for and get you set up with the correct Energy Consultant.

· OK, in order to get you to the correct Energy Consultant need to know what programs you qualify for. I just have a couple quick questions to do that.

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