Got Objections? We Can Help.

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Overcoming objections is an important step to winning any sale. How you approach objection handling is often the difference between gaining a new customer and losing an opportunity.

A Simple Process for Overcoming Objections

1. Listen: When setters hear an objection, their first instinct may be to address the objection immediately. They want to immediately overcome it and move forward with the close.

This, however, leaves hidden and un-voiced objections lingering beneath the surface. Instead of responding immediately, ask the Homeowner: “What else?” Get to the bottom of what’s really concerning them. Give them room to speak. Let silence fill the air as they ponder the question.

You may find that their first objection is not the real problem after all.

2. Understand: Seek to understand the objection. If you followed step one, you know many objections hide underlying issues that the buyer isn’t ready to articulate. Often the true issue is not what the buyer first tells you.

Seek to get to the HEART of the objection. Use “why” questions to clarify. Questions like:

· What makes you feel that way?

· Why is that important to you?

· What caused you to have that concern?

3. Respond: Address the objections and concerns after you’ve uncovered and understood them. Discuss the most important one first and, if possible, work to resolve the issue immediately. If it’s an objection you need to look into, let them know the next steps you need to take and when you will get back to them.

Don’t let any objection linger longer than necessary and don’t leave any objection untouched or unaddressed.

4. Confirm: Work to gain commitment from the prospect on the resolution. Ask the prospect if they’re satisfied with the resolution, don’t just assume they are. Ask if there are any other concerns. Don’t move forward until all concerns have been addressed with confirmation.

This process is so powerful and effective because it solves the problem most salespeople face: they rush to overcome sales objections too quickly. Buyers don’t like that, and it puts them on the defensive. With these four steps, Setters and Energy Consultants are more likely to earn the trust of the prospect in order to then dispel their concerns.

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